Board of Commissioners

The deadline for submitting Statements of Interest has passed. Candidates have been forwarded to the Nominating Committee and elections will be held for members only starting April 20.
The COSMA Board of Commissioners is comprised of eight members from the COSMA membership and one individual representing sport industry.  The Board of Commissioners meets twice a year and independently determines the accreditation status of an institution's sport management program.  The next meeting of the Board of Commissioners will be May 28, 2014.

Current Board of Commissioners (as of May 29, 2013)

The COSMA Board of Commissioners perform the following duties:

  • Determine accredited status for institutions.
  • Recommend changes in accreditation expectations and process, where appropriate, which must be approved by the members of the COSMA at the annual meeting.
  • Re-evaluate the sport management education programs of accredited member institutions as necessary.
  • Exercise such other incidental powers as are reasonable and necessary to carry out the functions of the Board of Commissioners.