Board of Directors

The deadline for submitting Statements of Interest has passed. Candidates for the Student Director position have been forwarded to the Nominating Committee and elections will be held for members only starting April 20.
The COSMA Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of five (5) members at least two of which come from the COSMA membership.  The BOD normally meets once a year.  The BOD provides general oversight of the affairs of COSMA such as setting and monitoring the effectiveness of policies and procedures, approval of the annual budget and contracts, monitoring membership recruitment and public relations, and adopting rules and regulations for the conduct of its business, among others.  The next meeting of the Board of Directors will be held in the Fall of 2014.
Current Board of Directors (established May 2012)
Jay Gladden, IUPUI, Institutional Director - (3 year term, expires 2015) - Chair
Jo Williams, University of Southern Maine, Institutional/Secretary Director - (4 year term, expires 2016)
Kerrilyn Curtin, Madison Square Garden, Industry Director (3 year term, expires 2015)
Gil Fried, University of New Haven, Finance Director (4 year term, expires 2016)
Shannon McCarthy, University of Arkansas, Student Director (2 year term, expires 2014)
Colleen Colles, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Chair of the Board of Commissioners (non-voting)
Duties of the Board of Directors (BOD):
The BOD shall elect its own chair at the beginning of each year.  The Chair will run the meetings and be a spokesperson for the BOD and COSMA.
The BOD shall have such authority as is necessary and appropriate for the general oversight of the affairs of COSMA.  Included among its authority and responsibilities are:
o   Establishing the policies and procedures essential to accomplishing the mission and goals of COSMA and its proper functioning;
o   Establishing committees and task forces, as necessary, and appointing members to these committees and task forces;
o   Approving the annual budget and strategic plan of COSMA;
o   Approving all contracts and other legal documents of COSMA;
o   Monitoring the effectiveness of the policies, procedures, and activities of COSMA and approving changes and improvements where appropriate;
o   Monitoring membership recruitment, public relations, and recognition of COSMA by appropriate agencies or groups.
o   Monitoring any misuse or misrepresentation of the COSMA name and the COSMA accreditation process;
o   Adopting such rules and regulations for the conduct of its business as it shall deem advisable and may, in the execution of the powers granted, delegate certain of its authority and responsibility to the Executive Director.

The Board of Directors is composed of five voting members and the current Chair of the Board of Commissioners, who has no vote.  Two Directors shall be members that represent the diversity of institutions in sport management in terms of size, public/private, geographic location, and types of institutions; one shall keep records of all meetings (“Institutional Director/Institutional-Secretary Director”); one Director shall be a member of the sport management Business/Industry (“Industry Director”); one Director shall be a graduate level student (“Student Director”); and one Director shall be a member with expertise in non- or for-profit finance and act as a Treasurer (“Finance Director”).
Terms of Office
Each Director shall take office at the conclusion of the Annual Member Meeting and serve a term of three years.  The terms of office of the Directors will be staggered.  Directors may not serve more than two consecutive terms.