Site Reviewer FAQs

I am a site reviewer. What gifts may I accept from institutions? Tickets to sporting events?

Please refuse any gifts offered to you. The institution is allowed to buy your meals, but no memorabilia should be accepted. Tickets to sporting events should not be accepted.

Can I record the interviews I conduct on site?

Please take notes and do not record any interviews. The institution should not record interviews either.

Should I interview alumni?

The institution will work with you to establish a site review schedule that is acceptable to you. Alumni interviews should be established if that is agreed upon by the institution and the site review team. The two-day site visit template in the handbook serves as a guideline, but please tailor the site visit interviews to fit the institution and the program.

Should I interview internship coordinators/athletic groups?

As with alumni, this would be an excellent group to try to interview, particularly if it is central to the program's mission.

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