Annual Report: Institutions

Annual Report for Academic Year 2013-14
By becoming a member of COSMA, an institution tacitly agrees to abide by the accreditation policies and procedures of COSMA. All programs, regardless of accreditation status, must keep COSMA fully informed of the activities being conducted on at least an annual basis. To assist you in complying with this requirement, COSMA requires an Annual Report from each institution. The annual report is due no later than July 31 of each year.
The purpose of the report is to keep COSMA apprised of the institutional activities and changes that take place each academic year so a determination can be made that the program remains eligible for COSMA accreditation and in compliance with COSMA accreditation principles (for accredited programs). Any activity or change within the institution and/or program that materially alters the status of the sport management faculty, the sport management curriculum, the resources in support of the sport management unit, or other COSMA accreditation principles must be reported in the annual report to COSMA.
Annual Reports are due by July 31st of each year. You will receive the Annual Report document and a membership renewal form in May.