Benefits of Accreditation

Why should you enroll in a COSMA-accredited sport management program?


Because COSMA…

Provides external accountability

  Accreditation is…

  • Increasingly demanded by the general public, parents, and students
  • Increasingly demanded from the sports industry and potential employers
  • Consistent with many college/university accountability processes
  • Keeping programs on the leading edge of trends in higher education

Creates an enhanced reputation for a Sport Management program

  COSMA accreditation…

  • Provides competitive advantage relative to other institutions
  • Allows institutions to use the COSMA logo in promoting their programs internally and externally
  • Improves the reputation of the Sport Management program within the institution

Provides external assurance of quality in the Sport Management program

  COSMA accreditation…

  • Ensures that the characteristics of excellence are evident in the curriculum and co-curricular experiences
  • Ensures that students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the sport management industry
  • Supports and promotes best practices in sport management education
  • Recognizes good performance

Provides an effective mechanism for continuous improvement

  The COSMA accreditation process…

  • Is proactive
  • Confronts the changing environment
  • Provides motivation to maintain and improve program quality
  • Integrates continuous improvement into the accreditation process
  • Is flexible in working with programs at all stages of development
  • Formalizes current and existing processes that are already in alignment with COSMA principles

Provides a mechanism for program advocacy

  Working with COSMA…

  • Assists in justifying/leveraging needed faculty and facilities resources
  • Helps support curricular improvements
  • Identifies operation and management needs
  • Encourages interdepartmental coordination