Measuring Student Learning: Tools/Rubrics

Articles About Accreditation
"The Current State of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment in U.S. Colleges and Universities" (NILOA, January 2014).
"Rethinking the Bottom Line for Internationalization:  What are Students Learning?" (The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 11, 2013).
"The Little Assignment with the Big Impact:  Reading, Writing, Critical Reflection, and Meaningful Discussion." (Faculty Focus, May 6, 2013).
"What are Institutions Spending on Assessment?  Is it Worth the Cost?" (National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment, August 2013).
Writing Student Learning Outcomes Handout
Association of American Colleges and Universities page on assessment:
Websites for Rubric Development:
E-portfolio assistance: - used in management courses
Examples of measurement tools used by COSMA members (not an exhaustive list):
            Academic work products – papers, presentations
            Class assignments
            Mock interviews
            Pre/Post tests
            Comprehensive exams
            Standardized exams
            Internship supervisor evaluation
            Reflections on experiences (e.g., internship)
            Focus groups
            Alumni surveys
            Exit surveys